Awesome Healthy Roots Childcare Consultation Program - Accredited Early Childhood Program
Awesome Healthy Roots Childcare Consultation Program (AHRCCP) offers unique services to our village community of Northern Virginia and vicinity. 
AHRCCP provides a range of services, where guidance is needed to improve the lives of young children, for parents to be, parents, grand parents, childcare providers, childcare centers or wherever guidance is needed to make awesome healthy roots connections. 
The unique Awesome Healthy Roots Consultation Program provides in-services ONLY by appointment, comes into the comfort of your own settings, based on the sense of continuity of care, so important to our young citizens, so they can keep rooting to learn with trust in mind, even if they are not born yet. The ground work is important and our younger citizen deserve the attention to be on the path of the civilized world.
AHRCCP believes the healthy connection even start earlier than conception, where planning take place to nurture that special seed to make healthy ground and build a foundation for our own family tree with strong roots connections. 

The AHRCCP runs by an accredited candidate who offers and comes with a mindset to offer an enrich environment in home, and at childcare setting from birth to five years old. 
  • Licensed Family Day Home Provider in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Accreditation from Council For Professional Recognition (CDA) 
  • Recipient of The First National Childcare Provider Award, 2007
  • Bachelors Degree in Education
  • Career Certificate in Infants and Toddles Care 
  • Over 35 years of awesome care giving experience 
  • Maintaining professionalism through ongoing evaluation from clients
  • Providing guidance, assistance and mentoring caregivers to set up an accredited childcare program from birth to five years old.
  • COUNCIL for PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION, National Credentialing Program showcase pictures of our program in their The Child Development Associate (CDA) Family Child-Care Competency Standards Book  
  • Exceeding and Beyond in care for Birth to Five Years old following all; learning environment, health and safety guidelines

Parents to be/Parents/Grand Parent Services

In home set up, nursery, playroom, family room settings, daily routine from bathing to feeding, behavior guidance, healthy start forming healthy habits, ages and stages, expectations and practical solutions, etc. and much much more with plan weekly/monthly home visits.
Substitute/Temporary Childcare Available: Daily/Weekly/Weekend/Evening/Vacations/Family Trips

Childcare Provider Services 

AHRCCP believe each family deserve high quality services and if you are seriously like to serve the village, community, family and their childcare needs, you should offers a program to par with the professionalism. To get into gear, AHRCCP offers a practical guideline to make your program on a top professional level and help you get the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. The in-service program comes in your own unique care settings (non-childcare hours, evening and weekends appointments available) to assess the environment, help organize all domains of quality childcare, and so you can build your portfolio and set up goals toward training and accreditation set by the Council for Professional Recognition. Council for Professional Recognition offers tools for the advancements of early childhood educators including families with children to be the best part when it comes to child rearing practices.

Substitute Child Care Services  

AHRCCP offers in-home services from birth to five years old to participate in age-appropriate developmental PLAY activities while providing hidden curriculum throughout the day.
For Example:
  • Developmentally Indoor and outdoor play for physical development
  • Yoga for All! To bring harmony between physical, mental, spiritual and self discipline 
  • Puzzles and games for cognitive and life learning skills
  • Family Field Trips for social and emotional development
  • Arts and Crafts for creativity, social and emotional development
  • Music and Movement to refine listening skills, cognitive emotional and social development
  • Reading and Math Activities for academics challenges
  • Manipulation for creativity, space and spatial learning
  • Cooking and Planting for learning concepts of  math, biology, science and chemistry
  • Daily Chores and Routines for life learning skills and responsibilities
  • No television or Screen time, more interaction between peers for language development and  conflict resolution
  • And much much more!
Research shows that a high quality early childhood program promotes the optimal development on all levels. As an extended AHRCCP in your own setting of home, center family day home, your children will be cared for with the utmost love and respect that support his or her social-emotional development! The most important life learning skill... believe all children are precious treasures and they deserve the best to become the BEST!
AHRCCP offers a high quality In-Service Program, where you can depend on us on a temporary basis, not taking your place, until you are ready to take over. 
References are available upon request.

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