Healthy Roots Childcare Consultation Program - Accredited Consultation Program
Healthy Roots Childcare Consultation Program (HRCCP) offers unique services to our village community of Northern Virginia and vicinity. 

HRCCP provides a range of childcare services, where guidance is needed to improve the lives of young children; for parents to be, parents, grand parents, childcare providers, caregivers, childcare centers or wherever guidance is needed to make healthy roots connections. HRCCP believes the healthy connection even start earlier than conception, where planning take place to nurture the environment for that special seed. For parents to be, Our program plan and prepares a healthy, safe and learning environment, a guideline ground work to build a foundation for your own family tree with strong roots connections. Families with children, day care provider, day care centers can reach out if they need childcare services in the emergency situation in your own home or daycare setting; services available for day, evening, night and weekend care. 

The unique  HRCCP provides Childcare in-services ONLY by appointment, comes in the comfort of your own settings, based on the sense of continuity of care. It is so important to our young citizens, so they can keep rooting to learn with trust in mind, even if they are not born yet. The ground work to connect is important and our younger citizen deserve the attention to be on the path of the civilized world.

The HRCCP runs by an accredited candidate who offers high quality assistant and comes with a mindset to offer an enrich environment in home, and at childcare setting from birth to five years old. 
  • 35 years of experience as a Licensed Family Day Home Provider in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Accreditation from Council For Professional Recognition (CDA) 
  • Recipient of The First National Childcare Provider Award, 2007
  • Bachelors Degree in Education
  • Career Certificate in Infant and Toddler Care 
  • Maintaining professionalism through ongoing evaluation from clients
  • Provided guidance, training, assistance and mentoring caregivers to set up an accredited childcare program from birth to five years old.
  • COUNCIL for PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION, National Credentialing Program showcase pictures of our program in their The Child Development Associate (CDA) Family Child-Care Competency Standards Book  
  • Exceeding and Beyond in providing quality Childcare services from Birth to Five Years old following all accredited competency standards; learning environment, health and safety guidelines

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